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» Nanotechnology researcher named American Physical Society Fellow
December 2005
Alexandre "Alex" Bratkovski, a researcher working in the area of nanoscience and nanoelectronics, has been named a 2005 fellow of American Physical Society

» HP Research Project Defines Future of Computing
December 2005
HP Laboratories revealed the findings of the SE3D Animation Showcase, a year-long, innovative research project that investigated the potential of large-scale, flexible computing power.

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» HP Labs researchers win TV award
December 2005
An HP Labs research team has won two technology awards from the UK’s prestigious Royal Television Society for its work on the BBC's Coast Experience.

» Lab director named to Hall of Fame
November 2005
Neerja Raman, director of strategic planning for imaging and printing, HP Labs, is one of six 2005 inductees into the Women in Technology International Hall of Fame.

» Speed dial for content: Mobile-phone technology aims to provide instant access to location-based services and information
November 2005
Researchers want to make retrieving information as easy as snapping photos or speed dialing your friends. The idea is to offer content related to your immediate environment by equipping camera phones with barcode readers that can instantly access services and information.

» HP announces China research lab
November 2005
HP announced it has established a research laboratory in China where it will collaborate with both the public and private sectors to develop future information management systems.

» HP to seed next-generation data center research at Russian institute
November 2005
HP announced it will provide a next-generation data center to the prestigious Kurchatov Institute to conduct research into future utility computing systems.

» Solving India’s education dilemma : Experimental solution is high tech and affordable
November 2005
HP Labs is leading an effort create digital libraries aimed to extending access to educational materials to millions of students in India and possibly around the world.

» HP researchers aim to enhance learning experience on college campuses
November 2005
HP announced that its researchers in India are developing a system to enhance the value of educational TV channels by coupling them to digital libraries.

» HP Labs named to Scientific American 50
November 2005
HP Labs has been named as a Business Leader within the 2005 Scientific American 50 – the magazine's prestigious annual list recognizing outstanding acts of leadership in science and technology from the past year. HP Labs was honored for its contributions in building nanoscale circuits.

» Afraid to make risky business decisions? Two HP Labs researchers want to offer you insurance
November 2005
Most organizations consider risk-taking to be essential to their success, yet few have policies to encourage it. Researchers have developed a novel idea they call "decision insurance" that could help solve this problem.

» Quantum science researchers win two more awards
November 2005
Researchers in molecular electronics at HP Labs, already the recipients of more than a half-dozen awards, have been honored by The Wall Street Journal and by Small Times magazine.

» Computing with light? Scientific breakthrough a step toward quantum computing
October 2005
HP Labs researchers' work using light particles rather than electrons for quantum information processing holds promise for someday developing faster, more powerful and more secure computer networks.

» From the Lab: Dramatically lowering IT costs, bidding for compute resources, a "virus-safe" desktop and more
October 2005
The director of HP Labs outlines a technologies aimed at helping customers cut costs and run IT more efficiently, enhance security and flexibly produce low-cost, short-run printed materials with the quality of expensive offset printing.

» Senior scientist named to "top 50" list by influential Hispanic publisher
October 2005
Cipriano (Pano) Santos has been named one of the 50 most influential Hispanics in technology and business in the United States by the publishers of Hispanic Engineer & Information Technology magazine.

» City streets transformed: Stories come to life in San Francisco experiment
October 2005
HP Labs, San Francisco public broadcasting station KQED and San Francisco Bay Area artists collaborated on Scape the Hood, an experiment that combines storytelling and emerging technology by overlaying a digital landscape on the physical world.

»Nanotechnology research pioneer named to national advisory board
September 2005
Stan Williams, HP Senior Fellow and director of Quantum Science Research, has been named to a new nanotechnology advisory board designed to help anticipate and manage possible health and environmental implications of nanotechnology.

» Going mobile: Streaming video, new gaming services and more coming to your cellular phone
September 2005
Cellular phones that help you shop, interactive gaming on your phone and face-to-face communications any time, anywhere – welcome to the new, mobile world envisioned by researchers in HP's Mobile and Media Systems Lab.

» The 21st century research lab: HP Labs Director offers a peek at some work in progress
September 2005
What if you could buy compute power in a worldwide auction . . . no matter what size or type of business you run? What if inexpensive, electronic posters and billboards were sharp as today’s glossy magazines? What if computers were as small as grains of sand? The director of HP Labs offers a behind-the-scenes look at these and other projects in the works at HP's central research lab.

» The business of bidding: Reinventing auctions for better results
September 2005
Mix economics with game theory, decision analysis and some smart PhDs, and you get an auction design tool that has helped HP save $1 billion – and counting – in procurement costs.

» Applied research: Experimental "game" helps Ford save time, money
September 2005
Experimental economists at HP Labs have helped the company improve revenue forecasting and design new incentive programs for retailers, and they've explored such questions as pricing contracts and currency fluctuations. But they aren't keeping their expertise to themselves: They've also worked with partners like Ford Motor Co.

» HP huge among patents for the tiny
August 2005
HP's patent portfolio for micro- and nanoelectronics has been named the strongest in the U.S. , according to an independent survey.

» Riding the peaks: Market-based systems help manage demand
August 2005
A reservations system allows people to pay up front to keep a resource (say an airline ticket, or computing power in a data center) available to them at some point in the future. The price they pay to hold that resource for peak times is less than if they bought it at the time they actually needed it.

» Protecting privacy : Building in safeguards for personal data
August 2005
With security breaches and online fraud on the rise, consumers, businesses and government organizations are growing more concerned about protecting individuals' privacy. A team at HP Labs is working on tools to make it easier for businesses to do just that.

» VLIW Pioneer: HP Senior Fellow Josh Fisher
July 2005
Josh Fisher talks about how he drew inspiration from an early college lecture for what became the VLIW computer architecture, offers an update on his current activities and discusses his passion for a high-energy Japanese video game.

» Do the right thing: Experimental tool builds trust, tracks compliance
July 2005
The Bristol team’s trust project is part of HP's work on utility computing, a concept that would give companies on-demand access to a large pool of resources, such as processing power, storage and bandwidth.

» Experimental display research featured at prestious science event
July 2005
Researchers demonstrated HP's world-leading research in print-quality plastic displays at the United Kingdom's premier scientific institution, the Royal Society in London.

» HP researchers join Nobel Prize Laureates at major conference
June 2005
HP Senior Fellow R. Stanley Williams and three HP Labs researchers joined 47 Nobel Laureates and more than 650 other accomplished scientists at the Lindau Nobel Prize Laureates Meeting. HP is a sponsor of the event.

» RFID's future: "We have just scratched the surface"
June 2005
HP Labs' Dick Lampman talks about how HP experience and innovation are coming together to create new uses for product-tracking technology.

» HP Fellow wins most influential paper award
June 2005
Norm Jouppi, a Fellow in HP Labs' Mobile and Media Systems Lab, has won this year's ACM/IEEE Influential Paper Award for work he presented at the International Symposium on Computer Architecture in 1990.

» "Me" TV: HP Labs researchers explore customized TV viewing experience
June 2005
A small team of fellow researchers in the HP Consumer Applications and Systems Lab, he’s been asking how the TV viewing experience might become highly personalized to match a viewer’s interests.

» Virus-safe computing
June 2005
Want to know why we can't rid ourselves of viruses? It isn't because there are more attacks or that they're more malicious. It's your operating system: No, not just Windows, but Linux and Unix and Mac and any other widely used OS.

» Looking back in TIME
June 2005
Early last year, HP set out to digitize the entire 80-year print run of TIME magazine, one of the world's most widely read publications.

» Upgrading the Internet with PlanetLab
May 2005
HP scientists collaborate with researchers worldwide to build a better Internet

» Peak performance
May 2005
The BMW WilliamsF1 auto-racing team was in a fix. New racing regulations for 2005 required changes to its cars that could have reduced nearly 30 percent of the car's total downforce.

» Red Herring reporters to test experimental storytelling technology
May 2005
Reporters from Red Herring magazine are set to try out a new HP Labs multimedia storytelling service at the publication's Spring 2005 conference on cutting-edge companies and technologies.

Plug-and-play: Experimental storage system is flexible, reliable -- and commodity-based
May 2005
HP Labs researchers are working on an answer that could replace the inflexible storage systems of today with a modular system, designed to quickly accommodate a fast-growing organization's changing storage needs.

» Software innovation: It's what our customers value
May 2005
HP Labs' Dick Lampman discusses research in IT automation, security, digital media management and more.

» Movie magic: HP research helps transform film, TV distribution
April 2005
Movies and TV shows by entertainment giants Sony Pictures and Warner Brothers will soon make use of a system originated in HP Labs that dramatically alters how studios create and distribute movies and television programs.

» Star power: Experimental HP services help up-and-coming animators shine
April 2005
Animated Encounters, the Bristol International Animation Festival, is the biggest annual gathering of animation talent in the UK and a chance for professionals to talk about the tools of their trade – most of which are computer-based these days.

» HP wins DARPA contract to improve Internet reliability in critical, rugged environments : HP researchers to contribute expertise
April 2005
HP has won a contract from the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to develop technologies to improve the performance of mission-critical computer networks used in combat and other vital operations. A key aspect of this will be HP Labs' efforts to create new approaches to the way Internet traffic is detected and routed.

» Innovating for emerging economies : HP Labs India creates technologies for the world's developing regions
April 2005
Western soft drinks or laundry soap can be sold in developing nations with little more than a change in the packaging, but when it comes to Information Technology, things get a lot more complicated.

» Renowned digital signal processing expert named HP Fellow
March 2005
Ronald Schafer, recognized as one of the world's leading authorities on digital signal processing, has joined HP Labs as the newest HP Fellow.

» Agent of change: Automated tools from HP research aim to reduce cost, difficulty of IT changes
February 2005
Researchers may have an answer in an experimental tool that aims to turn IT systems into flexible resource utilities by delivering on-demand computational resources to applications or services.

» Stripped-down grid :
A lightweight grid for computing's have-nots

February 2005
Grid computing has the potential to transform everything from drug discovery to aerospace design to analyzing stock portfolios but, until recently, its benefits were confined to regions where computing infrastructure is plentiful. HP is working with researchers in Brazil to change that --- exploring new technologies that could bring the advantages of grid computing to some of computing's have-nots.

» Eliminating the Need for Transistors : HP researchers are reinventing the computer at the molecular scale
February 2005
HP Researchers have proven that a technology they invented could replace the transistor - the fundamental building block of computers for the last half century - leading to a new way to construct computers in the future.

» Still going : New technology saves battery life on mobile devices
January 2005
HP Researchers have come up with an answer for mobile devices that not only reduces power usage but enhances usability as well.

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