Leadership team

Prith Banerjee
Prith Banerjee is senior vice president of research at HP and director of HP Labs. In these roles, he helps chart technical strategies for the company, and he heads HP Labs, the company's central research organization, which has seven locations worldwide.

Lab Directors:


» John Apostolopoulos

Mobile and Immersive Experience Lab


» Umeshwar Dayal

Information Analytics Lab


» Jamie Erbes

Services Research Lab


» Eric Hanson

Printing and Content Delivery Lab



» David Lee

Networking and Communications Lab


» Norman P. Jouppi

Intelligent Infrastructure Lab


» Martin Sadler

Cloud and Security Lab




Research Group Directors:

» Bernardo Huberman

Social Computing Research Group


» Chandrakant Patel

Sustainable Ecosystems Research Group



» Stan Williams

Nanoelectronics Research Group (NRG)


» Bob Tarjan

Algorithms Research Group



Worldwide Sites Directors:


» Sudhir Dixit

HP Labs India


» Ruth Bergman

HP Labs Israel



» Min Wang

HP Labs China


» Chris Whitney

HP Labs Singapore



Other Directors:

» John Sontag

Strategic Innovation and Research Services


» Laurel Krieger

Strategic Planning