4.3. How can I get the machine to ask the device and program to boot from?

	By default the UNIX PC is set up with the non-verbose system
loader.  This can be changed to the "verbose" loader which will ask
what program and device to load from.

	*** WARNING *** Any time you write to the disk device like the
following, be extra careful that you type the correct device name.  A
backup is always recommended.

	Insert a blank diskette in the floppy drive.
		# fdfmt.vl
		# /etc/ldrcpy /dev/rfp020 /dev/rfp000

	Reboot your machine and you'll be able to load from the floppy
or the hard disk whatever program you desire (not that there is too
much you can load).  It may be useful to copy the several diagnostic
utilities to the hard disk (for easy retrieval).

	Insert your diagnostic disk ...
		# mount /dev/fp021 /mnt -r
		# mkdir /dgn
		# cp /mnt/s4diag /dgn/s4diag
		# umount /dev/fp021

	This can be repeated for diagnostics like, STARLAN, Voice
Power, DOS-73, Floppy Tape, etc.  Name the diagnostic programs
something unique (slndiag, vpdiag, dosdiag, etc.)  Now you can load
from the hard disk /dgn/s4diag, /dgn/vpdiag, etc.. and have that
diagnostic utility handy when needed.

	NOTE: After you do this procedure your system will not reboot
automatically (after power failures) without some user input.

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