To Netboot your SGI computer using DINA do the following.
  1. boot your SGI and go in to maintenace mode by either clicking the "maintenace mode" button as start up or by repetedely pressing Escape key at startup.
  2. In Maintenace mode go to PROM mode
  3. Type printenv, look for a environvent variable called netaddr.
  4. If no nettaddr variable is defined skip to action 6
  5. Type unsetenv netaddr to clear it, failure to do this step will result in Netbooting not working. repeat action 3 to verify that it is cleared.
  6. You are now ready to Netboot your SGI box, you can at this stage choose to format your harddisk, if it is allready formated from a previous installation you might want to skip this step. In that case skip to action 9
  7. At the PROM prompt type bootp()IP adress to DINA server:/irix/6.5/1/stand/fx.ARCS for 32 bits SGIs (Indigos, Indys, O2 and R4k Indigo2s).
    Or type bootp()IP adress to DINA server:/irix/6.5/1/stand/fx.64 for 64 bits SGIs (R10k Indigo2s, Octanes, Fuel, Onyx etc)
    If you use the standard IP number of for DINA the command would look like this bootp() --x
  8. format your disk as a boot drive
  9. press Escape to return to Maintence menu, click Install or press 1 on the keyboard.
  10. Click the Install software, from network.
  11. At the question what IP number you want to use just type a single dot and click the OK button. Your SGI will get an IP number from DINA so it is no
  12. At the question to type the IP of the Netboot server just type a single dot.
  13. At the question of the path type /irix/6.5/1/dist, click OK or press enter.
  14. The netboot process will start, you will see answers from DINA presented on the SGI it usually look like .......
  15. The load progress of the loading will be displayed and when you are

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